Monday, March 21, 2011

Muddling through March

Second day of Spring and it's dreary as the day is long mid June.

In high school March is the most brutal month to get through due to it not having any vacation days to season it, then in college February's the most treacherous stretch of schoolyear albeit succinct with its 28 (occasionally 29) days.

I've come to find that in Manhattan they're both buggers. February flies by in a New York minute but feels long due to the miserable moods everyone's in as they brave the bitter cold, and then March just drudges on. Full of hope at the onset of the month you think it will flutter by and bring Spring sooner than later, but it just doesn't.

Sigh. So my apologies for not being brighter in my March entries - which I've been called on on having failed to do two years in a row now, but I promise this Sister Friend Actress Writer Agent's spirits are high. And if I had to guess, I would say once I've filed my taxes and received my first direct deposit from a full time work schedule in over 2.5 years, I'll have reacquired the pep in my writing step.

In fact, I can even share this exciting connection made with Manhattan yesterday when I was running 8 miles around it... there's a HUGE poster on the side of the Museum of Natural History's library that reads: RENOVATIONS DONE NOVEMBER 2011 and in light of this being my priming year, I smiled for the last 2.25 mile stretch of my run at the thought of posting a similar sign on myself for the next 8 months.

Can't ya just see it?

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