Tuesday, June 12, 2012

27 things I'm taking or leaving

I'm basically obsessed with everything that is "our late twenties."  My late 20s specifically, but the collective late 20s too.  I've had conversations in the past month with a handful of my faves who all agree this is quite an amazing time of life.

I'm also reading Bethenny Frankel's book, which I found in the bff's little sister's room while I was house sitting in Westchester this weekend.  For the longest time he couldn't remember who he'd last given it to.

Anyway, as such, I've been introduced to her concept of taking or leaving it.  And I like it.  And I just cleaned out my storage unit FINALLY and have come across some remnants of my mid-twenties, so now I'm faced with this interesting opportunity to physically take or leave parts of my past.  Some are easy to discard, some I'm happy to be bringing back to the future.

Here are 27 things I'm taking into or leaving out of my late 20s.

  1. My CD collection (because it's never been impressive, but it will also never get old)
  2. My job as an agent until I've made an extra $30k/yr
  3. and this hair product I got in Australia four years ago, because I have found nothing like it stateside
  4. (oh those are all takes, by the way) my first leave is furniture I found on the side of the road, it's time
  5. Also leaving any shoes that are uncomfortable 
  6. And/or any shoes that can't be salvaged by the cobbler
  7. Also any jeans that haven't been hemmed and are frayed at the bottom
  8. I'm taking my BC crewneck sweatshirt, cause the things practically vintage
  9. Leaving my college bf's high school sweatshirt - actually not even just leaving it, giving it back to him this weekend so he can give it to his current gf
  10. Taking my Nantucket Reds skirt OBVIOUSLY
  11. Taking my Nantucket Scrapbook (DITTO)
  12. Leaving my yearbook in my parents' attic, sorrynotsorry, Mum, one of these days I'll clear my ish out of there
  13. But not any time soon because I'm also leaving my storage unit for good (for now) - seriously, it's like $1200 a year I need for my friends' wedding fund
  14. I'm taking my Broadway dreams and my plans to get a sitcom
  15. I'm taking the book - in a new direction - but also into publication (is that the noun of publishing?)
  16. I'm leaving my notions of getting an MFA in writing or acting although
  17. I'm taking my LSAT prep book - just in case!  (My dad'll love that)
  18. I'm taking certain phone numbers I think it's fun to keep in my phone "Special Friend's, the photog's, Justin Fender Like The Guitar's" and "Sally (my therapist in Boston)'s"
  19. I'm leaving others that it's really not worth it or appropriate for me to still have a tap of my fingertip away
  20. I'm leaving teenaged drama and angst
  21. But I'm taking passion and my love of love and Improv
  22. I'm taking my 26.2 Bumper Sticker - HOLLER BOSTON 2012
  23. Taking this cute off the cuff list of 25 things my mom said there were to love about me on the envelope of my 25th birthday card

   24.  I'm taking the picture of all of us in The Nook on our last day of high school
   25.  And the nook girls, my BC roomies, a few of the other 18 roomies I've had since    
          graduating, my SATC-like NY friends, my 2 favorite co-workers, my sisterfriends 
          (my whole family of course), the bff, his brother, my ACK roomies, and so on
          (the friends who lift me up and lighten my days with laughter)
   26.  I'm taking ambition, pride, humility, gratitude, courage and "The Secret"
   27.  And I'm leaving regret.  Life's too short.  It's also only just begun.

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