Monday, January 24, 2011

Keeping up with "The Kardashians"

I have just returned from a free 1 hour session with master trainer, Norman Badass (alias, but you get the picture?), at the NYSC at 94th & Broadway I am delighted to have for a "home gym" again now that I'm back in my original NYC Hood.

And I just want to share a quick story.

Norman Badass asked me to take notes after going through each set of exercises in the circuit he taught me so I can do them on my own for the month between now and when I told him I'll sign up for a 4-pack in the weeks leading up to my next half marathon in April.

Dilligent student, I jotted down "lunges, bicep curls, flat bench chest presses, leg raises, one arm row..." and so on.

Then he had hold a 6lb black core ball, balance on one foot with the tow of my opposite foot up on the bench 2 feet behind me...

"Single leg - " Norman started to dictate, but I cut him off.

"I call those the Kardashians," I interjected.

He cracked up, "ohhhh, cause those'll lift your booty up, huh?"

Hahaha. Yep, that's right Norman Badass. Cause those'll lift my booty up, and cause I literally JUST read this weekend in some magazine that that's the exercise Kim Kardashian's trainer is relentless about making her do.

Kardashians. I'm keeping up with them.

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