Friday, November 12, 2010

I gained 30 lbs in the summer of 2009

and I am currently very much in the process of losing them.

Fortunately for you this is not a weightloss blog.

God those are awful. I mean, informative from time to time. I'll admit I check twice a month on average, because how amazing is that restaurant list she and her followers have put together? It's like every time Starbucks adds a new variation of those sparkly donuts (which, by the way, the mastermind behind just asked one of my food stylists to shoot a cookbook of in Seattle, but I digress), the very instant a pink frosted or lemon filled one gets added to the Starbucks menu, there's an update on the points to be consumed right there for we point counters to find, and that is just so fabulously gratuitous.

Otherwise though weightloss blogs tend to be tumultous and rather depressing as inevitably people cave or they yo yo or they lament their falling off the Over Eaters Anonymous wagon and write about their re-committing to this or that new fad diet, and for those of us who weren't wired with wonderful metabolism and height to help the proportionality of pounds packed on periodically it all just hits too close to home.

In any case, again, this is not a weightloss blog, but I do feel inclined to address the weight I am actively taking off, because (brace yourself for some empowerment on the move here) I realized this morning when I woke up wearing a leopard print nighty I'd had on as a blouse under a cardigan for a Jersey Shore themed birthday party at the Olive Garden in Times Sq (because when you're there you're family/Italian) that got moved due to a ridiculous wait time to a French place with a fixed price menu and an unlimited Svedka drink special (have I mentioned I love November and life in general in New York City?), I realized as I rolled out my yoga mat and opted for crunches here in the basement in lieu of an hour at Crunch down the street and did some free weights while still wearing my leopard print nighty, that I am back to being a work in progress, and that is A-OK.

Because the last time I lost a significant amount of weight I did so without really focusing on it all that much. I did so by embracing being a work in progress, by eating healthily, and exercising regularly, running a few races, and drinking vodka sodas instead of dogfishheads. And my Doctor Roomie asked me on Shelter Island at the end of the summer of '09, HOW had I gained 20 lbs in two months???? Because it was hard to believe that it had happened (and because that was when i had yet to face a scale and the cold hard fact that I had actually gained 30lbs not 20). But I had completely reversed my style of living in that summer, and I could only go up from the low low I hit the week of the 4th of July that year. It was a summer of indulgence, and it was followed by close to a year of incongruity and instability, and it's only been in the last two months that I've really reigned it in and gotten a hold of myself here.

And now I've been doing double sessions at the gym, and slowly but surely I can see the inches around my waist lessening as I stand stretching in front of the mirror in my leopard print nighty , and I know it'll still be a while before I'm down to that low low again, but I'm alright with that, and I'm alright with the fact that I had a phenomenal piece of pizza last night when I got back uptown from the Jersey Shore Svedka saturated birthday party, because everything in moderation - right? And I'll spend two hours at the gym Sunday night when I get back from my little bro's engagement party in Boston because guess what... in other news: Louie Lips texted me last night, and I don't have to move out by the 15th!!!

Wooooooo! So that means, I'm here with Central Park as my back yard for another full month and by Christmas I'll have Crunched off the next bulk of the Nantucket belly, and won't it be very merry and bright by the time the ball drops and we're brought into 2011?

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