Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Home for the holiday, and oh so thankful

Thankful beyond belief to no longer be spinning my wheels, and to be here home on Elsworth just visiting for the week. Thankful to have come so far since last November when I was nomadic to the n'th degree, moving three times, in more debt than I could manage, at war with the bugs, and hardly feeling the least bit festive.

I LOVE the holidays again! I LOVE LOVE. Thank goodness I went to three beautiful weddings this summer and was reminded of this.

My four favorite days of the year have arrived and I'm so looking forward to loving each and every moment of them and all of the quality time I'm going to get to spend with people I love.

Speaking of... so the bff read the brief post I wrote "for" him the other night at Starbucks, and get this... he laughed - OUT LOUD - 4 TIMES! And I was there with him as he was reading, so I cracked up hearing his cackle above the holiday music already playing at the Starbucks in the World Plaza on 48th St, and I was literally tickled a thisawayrose-template-(for those of my, 2, readers who've been with me since the beginning, you'll know that's a nod to my early blogging days)-shade of pink that I'd pleased him with what I'd written about our texting, and my narcissism.

Because I can like the sound of my voice all I want, but at the end of the day, there's nothing
more gratifying than eliciting laughter from an audience of readers or onlookers, than giving with whatever gifts you've got. I heard back from another agent regarding my book, and her encouragement was uber exciting, what's kept me plugging away at the project though is the texts and emails I've gotten back from the few people I've let read some of it who represent my "target sales demographic:"

from an actual nook girl, "I'm almost crying reading it so far and only on pg 3!"

from my sorellina, "I'm on page 36, and although I am so tired I can barely keep my eyes open, I'm loving it. It's very good and I've found a few typos." (Ever the editor apparently)

and from my oldest friend, "I read your first 10 pages all the way through twice last night and suspect that had I had the rest of it, I wouldn't have put it down until I reached the end! It's really, really, wonderful...!"

Talk about being tickled pink :)

So thankful for friends, family, the fun that was had at my birthday party Monday night, the creative processes I'm involved in, and the fact that in honor of my birthday, Disney's gone and released a brand new princess movie for me to see on Saturday. Happy Turkey Day All!

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