Sunday, July 10, 2016

I went to my happy place

Spent a week working, beaching, relaxing, hanging out with friends and family and generally loving life as I know it on my happy place - hence the vacation from my regularly scheduled Sunday and Wednesday posts.

I'm all about momentum, and I've definitely been building mine over the past month or so... Manifesting, making moves, and motivating myself even more than usual, so I was remiss to miss posting, especially in light of the new traffic from my first Thought Catalog piece.  Still,  I have to admit it felt good to be on Island time these last 7 days.

And keeping hold of the concept of time as so totally relative has helped immensely as I've attempted my own version of muddling through the muck America seems caught up in at the moment - reading article upon article, swallowing heartbreaking news update after heartbreaking news update, engaging in complicated and heavily charged conversations.

Thankfully, I have hope, faith, and utter belief this is a season we're struggling through.  (Have I mentioned this book before? Bittersweet: Thoughts on Change, Grace, and Learning the Hard Way by Shauna Niequist)


We read it in my book club before my book club went on its now-going-on-eight-month hiatus (it happens).  And Shauna Niequist, the author, introduced me/us to the concept of seasons to be lived through.  Like a winter over staying its welcome well into April, a season of life can feel horribly hard, and terribly dark, and daunting, and cold, and even scary.

But spring always comes.  And summer too - in all its sunbaked, fact of the matter glory.

So we won't necessarily enjoy it, and we will likely be uncomfortable, but we are citizens of the world, and we will weather this.

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