Monday, December 5, 2011

Winter Blues, but don't worry - this isn't a depressing entry

Because the winter blue I'm referring to first is the afternoon sky color of the snowflake fleece I wore home Sunday morning as I made my Trek of Shame home from the apartment I'd spent the night at following my Williamsburg based friend's Ugly Holiday Sweater party.

Nothing says Classy with a capital C for Christmas like not being able to wake up the other host who's room you left your coat and scarf in and having to ride the L to the N to the 2 to the 1   in your boots, leggings, miniskirt, wreath earrings and token ugly holiday sweater.

Pretty sure I was hungover if not drunk for my Improv Class Show at noon, but really think that helped free me up for my performance, so all in all a win-win weekend.

Currently very much engaged in the War of Art (both Pressfield's book and the battle with Resistance).  But finding myself on the brink of the New Year desperate for a reason to resolve.  And winter blue in the face for having prolonged accomplishing a handful of the items on my To Do This Fall list.

It's like I can SEE the light at the end of the Book tunnel, so I should just jump aboard the trains that keep whizzing by me in the direction of the finish, but I keep being scared to!  And same with starting to up the ante on my marathon training... I'm waiting until the last minute to formally start readying myself for the race aspect...

I need a muse.

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