Friday, December 9, 2011


Pictured below are white spider mums

Making this afternoon bitter sweet are real ones.

Melancholy if not merry, my December has been some sort of lesson on the truth in comedy, the humor in heartbreak, and the medicinal high making someone laugh almost always results in.

For example, I fell out of the shower Monday morning - perhaps still somewhat hungover from Saturday night's festivities in Brooklyn, and my retelling of the story made my bff nearly wet himself which in turn turned my Tuesday from gray to A-OK.  

And knowing that I have a night with fellow improvisers to look forward to this weekend makes the fact that I am sad about saying goodbye to a dear friend this afternoon (my mom asked just now on the phone, and I teared up at the realization) just a tad easier to face.

So, ta-da! 

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