Friday, October 14, 2011

Facebook Cut Me Off

Seriously, I was on a commenting spree like no other. My mother just posted 185 new pics from the wedding weekend and I knew I had to stop before I drove peoples news feeds or tickers or whatever to drink, but I just COULDN'T until something short circuited, and now I haven't been able to sign back in for the past ten minutes or so, and I can only imagine this is the Universe saving me from myself.

SO what better to do than blog instead?

And share the following exciting tidbits:

1. I'm working on incorporating at least a half smile into my face at rest from now on because a boy in my Improv class asked me if everything was okay this evening, and it was, I had just been emotionless for a few minutes at the start of class, and it alarmed him.

2. I'm going to spontaneously add pictures to past blog posts so there'll be more images than captions on the little flip cards that you can opt to view in this new template - sue me now if they're sort of random and they're not always related to the topic of a given post.

3. I'm finishing the final draft of the book in the next 6 weeks. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and it's a green one waving me onto the next phase which will be endless agent submissions, so let the secreting of the perfect agent begin and be as successful as the secreting of my handy dandy macbook pro this past Spring.

All I got.

OH! Other than this:
It's me and a fake hunting dog in the honeymoon suite where we partied after the rehearsal dinner last Friday night.

Katie Perry eat your heart out.

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