Sunday, May 15, 2011

You know your eating habits have transformed

when Kashi Go Lean LEGIT tastes like Lucky Charms to you.

this just in: I think I'm going to start a younameitnaugs twitter account. I will desperately need someone to explain to me the hatch mark, FF, and @ system, but it dawned on me that Improv got me to start thinking of funny things in as few as 150 characters, and there's really no better forum for that sort of chirping.

Bridesmaids - in case there was any skepticism - does not disappoint and pretty accurately represents the extent to which a 20/30something single gal's life can seemingly be falling apart as well as the whacky bo jacky dynamics between women and particularly the insanity that an impending wedding can bring about amongst a brood.

I loved it. And I loved that I took myself out on a date to see it. Definitely a better flick to catch independently than Blue Valentine would have been...what was I crazy this winter??? Thanks, Universe, for that save - I look forward to the nice summer day when Netflix delivers Ryan Gosseling and Michelle Williams' misery to my doorstep. In the meantime, I'm pining after Roy from IT Crowd.

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