Sunday, February 6, 2011

the hudson

I'm catching up on Season 5 of How I Met Your Mother - one of the best shows ever.

And the episode "Of Course" (guest starring Jennifer Lopez) just made me cry.

Like, really cry. Ha. Which is great because that means it really must be one of the best shows ever. Situational comedy, with heart, at its finest. And all set, amusingly enough, right here in my own neighborhood on the UWS. Where NPH's character is supposed to have jumped into the Hudson is right by the boat basin about a mile from my apt - how cool is it that I caught that?

Anyway - the good news is I'm able to remedy my little surprise Sunday afternoon cry with a run.

The sun's finally shining enough to warm NYC up to a toasty 35 degrees or so, and I've recently realized that I've actually trained myself in the last two and a half years to love running.

How sweet it is.

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