Wednesday, July 7, 2010

An optimistic person is the personification of Spring

So... even though it is SWELTERING in Cambridge right now, I'm playing it cool and celebrating all things Awesome. IE:

-having finished the banister on the porch we built the Maddage family in PA last week
-my successful one year marriage to myself ;)
-my ACK roomie being here to visit
-the inception of the country rock album my sisters and i are cutting in late August
-and how wonderfully refreshing water is

Awwww, also how my ACK roomie and roomie/neighbor just said I'm like a 10 on the roommate scale.

Have an easy breezy afternoon, y'all - I'm about to go way more all around positive in this next month worth of blog posts - I feel like June had me glum in some ways, and I'm so not about that against my thisawayrose template.

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