Tuesday, June 1, 2010

i miss my bed

I have the most amazingly comfortable and unnecessarily large bed in my Manhattan Mini bug storage. And one of my favorite parts of being a still sleeper is the way in which I used to be able to leave notebooks, pieces of my wardrobe, my least favorite purchase even (the pink dell laptop) beside me at night when I'd go to bed. Now I'm forever finding myself sans sufficient surface space around me when I go to clear my day away.

But eventually I'll be able to take that big bed in all it's feather mattress covered glory back out of storage and call it my own again. So no worries.

Random sidenote: watched the most moronic show at the gym just now from the elliptical:

The Blind Date version to boot. And it was brutal. And I'd feel bad for myself for waisting an hour watching it, but the upswing was it kept me on the elliptical for an hour. Here's to sweet dreams of singles wiping out on the impossible obstacle courses. hehehe.

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