Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Nomad in Agent Mode

Fife informed me that my last entry was depressing - so not what I'm going for here. And so sad that romantic can sometimes read as the wrong kind of hopeless. That said, she and I had a good laugh over what one of our Manhattan Modmates said when I told her one of the main reasons I'm not on is that I simply don't know how I would "sell" myself on it. "You don't even have a geographical location you can fill in," she reminded me...

Right. In the next 17 days, I will bed-hop at least 7 times. Which is to say that I'm going from Cambridge to Newton to LA to San Fran to Fairfield to Midtown and to Chelsea within the span of the next two and a half weeks.

Some people might shudder to think of such disjointed time, so many disruptions to sleep patterns, saying so long to morning and nighttime routines. But I'm so excited!!!

I'm writing in Cambridge, treating myself to a trip to the spa in Newton, trailblazing in LA for my artists, fundraising for fabulous causes in San Fran, supporting my sorellina in Fairfield, supporting my bff on Park Avenue, and spending time with old roomies in Chelsea before networking my Representative face/nametag off on Monday the 26th.

Spring has sprung, energy abounds, life is lovely beyond words. Gotta jet!

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