Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Take me to New York, I want to see...

LA, admittedly, I am not all that familiar with just yet. While I was given props last night for knowing that Marina Del Ray was not far from El Segundo, I still successfully scheduled meetings for me and my boss literally here there and everywhere. It was none too amazing to me to find that after an exhausting two days of back to back appointments, late nights and early mornings with the bosslady I was still fully rejuvinated and recharged hopping off the plane at SFO with my dream and my cardigan. I think there's magic in the air on the West Coast, or something.

Anyway - the gloriousness of being a friend and nomad, I've visited Sinks before at her home in San Fran, so I reassured her that even though she had to work until 5 that night, I'd be fine finding my way to Bernie's the awesome coffee shop on 24th St that doubles as my remote office when I'm in SF. And I came with protein bars, oatmeal, and k20s in my suitcase, and she'd had a key made for me for my time here, and honest to goodness, it's been easy breezy and the best couple days, and an ideal "business" trip thanks to the fabulous informality that comes from our having been friends forever and my living nomadically for a large portion of the last year. So so good.

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