Friday, April 30, 2010

Before the clock strikes twelve...

I need to write my last two April entries. I honestly thought I was pacing myself far better this month and then whoooosh the last two weeks ran away from me. Fortunately, I opted for a girls' night in with two of my college roomies this evening and was reminded of the potential I have to wind up a princess the way Tiana does in Disney's most recent full length animated feature.

Naturally I took it as a sign when the big red box didn't have "500 Days of Summer" which I had intended to rent, and since good ol' Rocco just recently refused to keep listening to my opinions on relationships until I'd returned home to watch 10 Disney movies and remember my reverence for all things romantic, it was the clearest of choices, and how happy I am to have realized that I do in fact still believe in fairytales and love. Thank you "Princess and the Frog" for opening my eyes to the idea that going after your dream whilst incorporating a man/prince/frog into it is all right afterall. I wish I weren't so torn up internally over the idea of reconciling the need/want to for pursuing both love and a life in the limelight, but I was thoroughly captivated just the same by Disney's magic. They've done it again :)

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