Saturday, April 17, 2010

"I have to wriiiiiiiiite"

When I left my breakfast yesterday after spending a quality hour with my Godfather and bonding over being the eldest children of our respective broods I was near tears out of pretty much sheer happiness. I'm really content with the ambivalence that's rampant all throughout the various aspects of my life right now, and I am extremely grateful to my Uncle for the perspective he had to offer on these totally tumultous by nature 20s I'm currently wandering through. And I called my mom, and I was like, "Mom, I think I have to be a writer!" You know when things are in your nature? I'm a sister - such a sister to my sibs and friends, aunts and uncles occasionally and even coworkers I think sometimes. That's in my obvious, unassailable nature, seeing as how my parents kept popping kids out for 10 years after I was born. And I'm a writer - a story teller - it's in my nature. I've just got lots of things to say and stories to tell.

My sorellina went on a college visit two days ago inspired by moi to make herself an "Independence Mix" and now I've got the lyrics to the Jessica Andrews' song she included (upon my recommendation) in my head.

Sister. Writer. Dork.

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