Monday, March 29, 2010

"Sister Friend" (the handshake)

If you've never seen it, you are seriously missing out on something spectacular. Truth be told I'm not sure it would still be as adorable to behold today as it was say, 10 years ago, when my sisters and I first invented it, but oh man, if you could have seen my little cupie doll looking baby sister saying "ye-ah dogggg" back in the day, when she was all of four or five, you better believe your heart would've melted then and there on the spot. It was a complicated series of high fives, hip bumps, and face slaps, if I'm remembering it correctly...

These days my sorellina (not to be confused with my bambina sorella) will call me on my cell and say, "sister-friend, how are you?" which melts my heart, and now our relationships to one another as teens, young and emerging adults are a complicated series of conversations, expectations, and, well, high fives.

Fun, huh?

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  1. Throw back, commenting on an old post. whatever, i stalk you it's fine. if only this post knew the kinds of conversations we've had this past year haha...moving right along, moving right along xoxo sorellina