Thursday, November 17, 2011

A note from Nomadic Naugs

I'm going on a mid-Western mid-November tour tomorrow for little apparent reason.

I'll see Chicago for the first time since I was 7, a modmade I haven't seen since graduation from BC, and Ann Arbor, Michigan in all its' collegiate splendor, and then I'll bounce back to Manhattan Monday night only to leave for Boston Wednesday morning.

Looking forward to being home for the holiday, I'm even more excited to get home to New York the following week for the onset of the Christmas Season.

I just needed to make this note, because obviously Thanksgiving is the occasion for this pilgrimage to MA  I'll be making next week, and my mother, I must say, does a tremendous job hosting our brood.  Numbering anywhere from 17 - 35 family members and friends, she graciously greets guests with a table that's been set at least a week in advance.

And just a minute ago the bosslady sent around some gorgeous imagery of Thanksgiving feasts styled by our Boston based artists, and commented on how it was getting her excited for next Thursday.

But the thought that occurred to me, as I took note of the care that had been taken in selecting seasonal napkin rings and placemats, that I never plan to throw a dinner party.  And that someday when I have to host a holiday annually for my family - I'll probably pay someone to think of the pretty touches that will effectively set the scene.

Because that's just not really my thing.

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