Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Most wonderfuls

Huzzah!! November 1st!!

You'll be excited to know that I awoke this morning for a 7am All Saints' Day mass and promptly said aloud, "Rabbit Rabbit" before uttering anything else. This is how I know my prime is approaching, as to have remembered to do this TWICE on the first of the month in ONE YEAR, is practically unheard of (in the history of my life anyway).

Glorious sign of good things to come.

And on the subject of favorites (November is my favorite month!) I have some recommendations to share with you, my audience. Because I attended a talk on effective social networking, and the woman who gave it suggested making referrals that your blog readers / target audiences might need. And since that population's still sort of being assembled, I thought I'd drop a broad range of links below...

I have the most wonderful hair stylists is Manhattan:
Michael @ Devachan who cuts my curls
Rose @ Hair Farfalla who colors them
Sergi @ Blondies who straightens them periodically

My brother had the most wonderful wedding photographer in all of Massachusetts:
But I also think I've stumbled upon the most wonderful wedding photographer in San Francisco:
And happen to be friends with the most wonderful wedding photographer in LA:
(When I am in the market for a NY Wedding photographer, I'll weigh in on the best in the biz in my own backyard)

Meanwhile, I also have the most wonderful time taking Improv classes and suggest anyone looking for a fun(ny) time in the city see shows at: http://newyork.ucbtheatre.com/
Am pretty sure the most wonderful cup of hot chocolate in Manhattan is not found at Serendipity but rather Corner Bakery on the Upper East Side.

And can say without a doubt that the most wonderful emails I could have received today were the ones notifying me that contributions have been made to my fundraising page for the marathon even without me having sent it around just yet: http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/daniellenaugler/RunningforCover_Boston_2012

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