Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What's neat about having sisters in college

is that they're re-introducing me to stuff I read and concepts I studied 8 to 10 years ago.

Anyone else remember this: "Grow Up? Not So fast" article in TIME that came out in 2005, written by Lev Grossman?

I had actually studied Emerging Adulthood in a class by the same name with a protege of Jeffrey Arnett's as part of my Human Development courseload.  It was the only time (other than when I was performing there in the Disney Love Songs review my CFF directed) that I set foot in Higgins, the Bio building wherein my roomie-cousin logged countless undergrad hours. 

I loved learning about the hot topic of Emerging Adults, especially when I was about to become one, and I enjoyed re-reading this article with the prospective of having muddled through the years it addresses and feeling about ready to leave this limbo (in another couple or so).  The tidbits that resonate with me the most today as I read through this tale of twixters in my now late-twenties are:

"Hedonistic nomads, the twixters may seem, but there's a serious core of idealism in them."  

To which I say, brava bambina sorella, for calling out my nomadic tendencies at all of 15 or however old you were when you labeled them, years in advance of coming across this article and upon impending 20s of your own, and too, my father's name for Hedonism in our generation is "The Pippin Complex," and too, I am serious about nothing if it is not my idealism.  So no doubt I would have proudly labeled myself a twixter upon first read and I still think of myself as one now...

"Marrying late also means that twixters tend to have more sexual partners than previous generations. The situation is analogous to their promiscuous job-hopping behavior - like Goldilocks, they want to find the one that's just right - but it can give them a cynical, promiscuous vibe too. " 

This speaks to the issues I have here in the blogosphere, interestingly enough, I wish I could just write from the perspective of a hopeful, positive, lady-like Goldilocks-type in the city, but alas I often get swashbuckled into storytelling with a cynical side and presuming promiscuity will produce more interesting posts.

Finally, love the point that,
 "if those who are 30 and older want the rest of the world to grow up, they'll have to show the twixters that it's worth their while. 'I went to a Poster Children concert, and there were 40-year-olds still rocking,' says Jennie Jiang. 'It gave me hope.'" 

To which I say, thank GOD for Judd Apatow:

Honestly, Leslie Mann, in all of her amazing-ness, keeps me trucking toward my 30s and beyond :)

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