Thursday, January 24, 2013

Why I go...

Tonight as I headed down to 10 on the Park for my alumni donor reception in my "business attire," I wondered why it is I go to these events BC lures me back into my college bubble with.

Most likely it was my mother saying on the phone moments before I braced the bitter cold, "ooh alright, go have fun, and maybe you'll find yourself a rich BC guy while you're there," that caused me to worry the reason I go is subconsciously to try and reconnect with the illustrious Peter whenever I immerse myself in New York's network of eagle post-grads.  Did I mention three Decembers ago that he was making 6 figures when I met him in his mid twenties, me a mere 19?    Cause he was. 

But I realized, as I sat listening to the board members, who before encouraging us to partake in the open bar were ultimately asking us graduates for more money and our life long commitment ever to excel, that I go for the moments when I get chills - listening to the stories of BC grads whose lives were changed by their educations, whose hard work paid off, and whose contributions to their alma mater were paid forward and have led to more greatness than they ever could have imagined.

I go to see old friends.  And I go to see what new opportunities may present themselves as I mingle amongst the Manhattanites I knew on the Heights.

AND... voila.... what do you know?  I go open to serendipitous circumstances, three of which I wound up in this evening: 1.  running into a girl I was asked to audition for a Yoplait Yogurt spot with last night upon the conclusion of my commercial acting class, 2. learning that an acquaintance of mine is sitting on a premise for a rom com that is just begging to be penned by me and my writing partner and 3.  seeing a former UCB classmate of mine in passing on my way to the 1 train, having him offer to tie my shoes and knowing that he's one of the bright lights I'll be graduating to LA with in the year ahead....

I go because I count myself lucky to be amongst those called to be men & women for others.   And cause I may only give $5 - $25 every time a current student calls from the alumni relations office to request a donation, but I've got a lot to give.

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