Friday, June 29, 2012

Scribble scribble / goody goody

I'm reading this love letter to the LUWS (lower upper west side, essentially the deservingly glorified basement of the UUWS) written a while ago by Nora Ephron on Lena Dunham's recommendation.  It's likely anyone who's caught more than a handful of episodes of GIRLS now considers themselves on first name basis with Lena or at least in kindred company with her character Hannah, and I'm no different...  But I skimmed Lena's piece on Nora earlier this morning and thought I'd read the phrase Goody Goody where actually it said "Scribble Scribble" the title of a collection of articles Nora Ephron had written on the media in the 70s.

And anyway... that got me thinking about my first love and subsequent heartbreak... the night when Nick B. came to tell me in Day Middle School's atrium that Mike didn't want to "go with me" anymore... the tears my friends and I shed for the remaining two hours of the dance we were at as we mourned the door to our childhoods' closing and the fact that none of us had yet been asked to slowdance with any of the boys we liked...the pink fitted sweatpants and DARE t-shirt I moped around in the next two days and the more socially acceptable green leggings and Limited Too sweatshirt I changed into before going to face my new reality at school Monday morning on my mother's insistence...

It would appear that I had been dumped due to the fact that my elementary school love had peaked the fancy of kissing-Gen, who would become one of my best friends and fellow nookgirls as the years went on, and that - as he told so and so who told so and so who told so and so - he'd had Nick B. break up with me at that dance because of what a "goody goody" I was.


It still somehow cuts to my core.  Ha.

Luckily though, the pain recedes, and I have the advice Nora Ephron gave Lena Dunham: "You can’t meet someone until you’ve become what you’re becoming."

How on earth could I have known what I was becoming at 10 if I still don't at 27?

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