Thursday, June 7, 2012

A note from Nomadic Naugs

I spent 7 days in Boston before boarding the 11:59 megabus to NY last night and hopping on the first metro north train from Grand Central to Pelham at 5:35 this AM so I could cab from Pelham station to the bff's parents' house where I'm house and dog sitting for 5 days.

The pup was happy to see me bright and early, for sure,  but I gotta tell you - full time fun naugs might not be slowing down but the nomad in me's lost some serious steam since the days when I'd do there and backs for work and whatnot, and I'm more aware of the importance of pacing ones' self than ever.

Thanks Boston 2012.

I was on the go every day and night that I spent this last trip up to MA, and my final day there, I remarked aloud every twenty minutes or so, "I have to go pack my suitcase."  But fast forward to 10:41 following the celebration of the bambina sorella's graduation and I had still yet to go actually do it.

I haphazardly threw together my clothes, work papers, and reading material from the bus ride to Boston and my pops drove me to South Station in the nick of time.

BUT THEN - here's where this "and then I found $20 sort of story" gets really good! - there was a DETOUR on the PIKE.... so we were cutting it uber close cutting through the Back Bay to South Station and THEN just cause it was thank kind of night THE ESCALATOR TO THE SECOND LEVEL OF SOUTH STATION WAS NOT FUNCTIONING.

So I had to haul my damn well traveled pink plastic suitcase up a flight of stairs in my gold flippy floppies.

And I was fine, cause the bus left 10 minutes late. But lords, lords, if that just is NOT the sort of stuff I want to be dealing with in my late 20s late at night.

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