Friday, August 5, 2011

Purged and poised

Speaking of feeling grateful for time in Boston, but more to the subject of being ready to be back in the city... I did Bikram Wednesday evening and made it through the Camel pose without wanting to vom.


Apparently that pose is notorious for stirring up the inner sanctums of your stomach primarily with emotions and in the past two years when I've gone to do it there's been a serious block there, as in nope, sorry, no way jose, I'm just gonna go ahead and put myself in child's pose right now instead of trying to arch back and running the risk of wrenching forward to wretch.

So I am feeling fixed as it were, and ready to get back to action before Fall sneaks up on us. It's lovely to have had the option of staying in Cambridge for a couple more weeks, but my tower on the UUWS is calling my name. There's work to be done, and purged, I'm now poised to go do it.

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