Friday, August 5, 2011

5 mile turnaround

Last night my coworker asked me if I was running this morning, and I texted her back to say I was planning on a 5 mile turnaround at 7:45 if she wanted to join.

My favorite route by far to run from the Cambridge house is the 5 miler I do down to the BU bridge and back.

It's not really a loop though, it's a turnaround. And it doesn't matter what mood I set out from the house in for it, I go knowing full well it will have turned around somehow by the time I get back.

Wednesday AM for instance I left the house feeling foul and hating that my bff called me into Agent action with a ring at 8am about the web episode filming job he was assisting on that morning because he threatened my being able to finish my 5 miles in time to sneak in a shower before setting up at my desk, but then I returned floating on air and feeling like life was a song.

This morning I left light as a feather and in a mood I could hardly imagine getting better until I came upon a wonderful College friend crossing River St on my way back, and if a 5 minute catch up chat with an old pal can't make you feel fortunate for your time in Boston, I don't know what can.

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