Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I have half a mind

to do the following on this humpday afternoon:

* hop on a bus to Boston and be home for Thanksgiving a week early - cause why not?  (I know why not, I have to finish Snatched, and go to the BFF's 30th bday party Saturday, and catch up with some friends first), but still.

* poke some people on facebook who I feel sad to have fallen out of touch with but not quite motivated enough to pick up the phone and call

* do the entirety of my Christmas shopping online and pay for everything with the billmelater option that sly devil of a no interest deal

* lie on my bed and cry quietly over nothing in particular other than the fact that my birthday's a week away and my bonnie lies over the ocean as it were

* tell my clients what I really think of them and the way they're handling their business with our agency at the moment

* compare my weight in pictures from the past five years

* listen to early 2000s emo

* draft the guest list for my wedding

* practice a few hours of loving-kindness meditation, cause I'm good like that.


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