Thursday, May 9, 2013

This blog is bland but I love it

I recently completed a survey about my experience as a BC Theatre major and the value I place on my time spent and education gained in the department, and one of the final questions was "what advice would you give to incoming freshmen about to embark on their BC Theatre careers?" or something to that effect.

And I said "leave the drama on the stage."

My life is still whimsical and very much full of situational comedy and kinda sorta like a fairytale in its own right, but for the most part, it's bland like this blog and I love it too.

So, at my happy yoga dance class Monday night we talked about how May's all about Manifesting.  And I've got some intentions I'm working on like the rest of my astrology loving friends anxious to capitalize on the couplet of eclipses forthcoming in the next three weeks, but tonight, I've got two throwbacks in honor of #TBT (which I can only assume means throw back thursday)....


My life goals as of winter of 2005

I'll put a note whenever there's one I've accomplished in the past 8 years :)
* Live abroad for a year (+)
* Graduate with a 3.5 done
* Get under 120 lbs + stay there/fit ->done for about a month in 2011done
* Pay off college/credit card debt by age 32
* Buy first car by age 26 done
* Move to New York City by 2008 done
* Audition in New York City done
* Do Regional/Community Theatre into my 30s
* Be married before age 30 (*ideally by 28)
* Have kids (1 - 3) by age 37
* Travel to every continent
* Consider Higher Ed: Law/Business
* Be happy done
* Be in love
* Be adventurous done
* Be fluent in Italian
* Be in touch with at least 3 home + school friends at all times done
* Be friends with my sisters done
* Go on safari done in Disney World, but I'm holding out for the real thing
* Go scuba diving / swimming w/ dolphins

& The top four things that could always make me happy as of March 2005

1. Driving makes me happy because singing makes me happy, and especially while at school where I don't feel comfortable belting my heart out in the dorms, I find it an uber release to just get in the car blast Broadway or Kiss108 and be the American Idol I secretly think I am.  Singing was my first love and it can alllllways calm me down / raise my spirits.  That's why I couldn't drop bOp even in the thick of things this year, because I love the sound of voices coming together to make music and it's catharsis like no other.
2. Baking cookies makes me happy because I like to see things through to completion.  It's like my reason for secretly having liked math all along:  the equation can almost always be solved if you know the formula - and the cookies will always turn out yummy if you've got the ingredients down.  Following through gives me a sense of accomplishment that can always make me happy.  I also like the fact that I can make them without having to look at the directions as a reference.  It allows me to think about other things or socialize with the people I'm baking for when I can whip them up without taking the time to check my cook book.  Plus I still get happy whenever people take that first bite and enjoy it.
3  And the reason for that is that I'm happy making other people happy.  Cards make me happy because of the thought that goes into them, and shopping for cards makes me happy because I know the perfect one is out there for whoever I have in mind.  I love buying gifts that I know will make people happy, and I love doing favors for people that I know will make people happy, and I love giving people complements that are going to make them happy, and telling jokes that are going to make them happy, and asking questions they'll be happy to talk about, and hosting successful events they'll be happy at, and well you get the picture on that one.
4.  My family makes me happy.  My family drives me crazy, but I once sat down and popped out 100 some odd Reasons I Love Being A Naugler as an element of an x-mas present for my mom and I was not surprised in the least by how quickly I was able to come up with them all.  My parents make me happy because their love for eachother has only grown in the 20 years since they got married when they themselves were babies, and because they just genuinely love babies and that's why they had so many of us and are able to love us so thoroughly even though they've got to spread themselves pretty thin to do so.  My brother Michael makes me happy whenever I hear him sing or watch him act or be sweet to my sisters or joke with friends and the same goes for Ryan who also makes me happy when he raps or tries to impress my friends even if it's by back farting on the floor, my sisters make me happy because I can just imagine what awesome girls they're going to grow into and I hope the three of us can be the kinds of friends the two of them are right now.  On the whole: fam =s love =s happiness.
So yeah.  Just food for thought.  Earlier I bought and mailed 5 cards for mothers day & my dad's bday, because I won't be Boston bound for this "holiday weekend" either - test running for next year when it's just the sorellina's college graduation, a roomie's wedding, and Christmas - mayyybe Thanksgiving, that brings me back East.  And now I'm just in the mood for mellow introspection. 

Here's to manifesting in May.

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