Friday, August 17, 2012

Sister Sense

The Artist's Way encourages you to look for synchronicity in your life... signs, omens, coincidences, examples of fate, providence, highly attuned intuition and answered prayers...

I have always sort of done that anyway, but I'm highly sensitive to the appearance of these things in my life now so since I woke up missing my sisters Wednesday morning I was not the least bit surprised when my sorellina called to break the news of my bambina sorella's breakup from her prince of a high school sweetheart that night...  We've all known it was coming, it was a caveat from the beginning of their relationship that they wouldn't stay together when their freshman year of college came around, but it was sad none the less.

So I don't want to harp on that, I'd rather share a silly anecdote from last weekend. Perhaps the little one will stumble upon this post and at least have a chuckle at her eldest sister's nutty-ness.

I got pulled over on the interstate Saturday night on my way back to Westchester from a BBQ, and when the cop leaned into the window to ask for my license and registration he said "it reaks of booze in this car" (but I have a feeling what he actually smelled was the gasoline I had actually spilled on myself at the Mobil station I stopped by to fill up at before getting on the road because I over paid in cash ahead of pumping not realizing the clicking would mean the tank was full) and anyway, I was like "I went to a bbq where there was drinking hours ago, at like 2... but if I was speeding it's because I was singing along to this soundtrack of Batboy the musical" (and then I turned the volume up so he could hear).  To which he replied, "you were singing?" and I just nodded.  And he said, "well do you always drive with no headlights on on the high way?" and I said, "oh gosh, nope, oh my gosh, sorry, this is the car of the family I'm house sitting for, I didn't realize the lights didn't go on automatically!"

Found the lever, twisted the lights to On and drove off after he told me to "just be safe."

It's a semi-charmed kind of life. 

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